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  • Added the barrel cactus, white bursage and joshua tree to the desert biome.

  • Added exclusive fullscreen mode.

  • Added spruce trees to the taiga biome.

  • Added configuration menu for single player world to allow adjusting some settings easily.

  • Added /repairallrooms command to repair rooms that should contribute to the housing score, but don’t.

  • Added several admin commands to manage bank accounts:

  • AddAccountManager (accountID, userID)

  • RemoveAccountManager (accountID, userID)

  • AddAccountUser (accountID, userID)

  • RemoveAccountUser (accountID, userID)

  • CreateAccount (name(optional))

  • DeleteAccount (accountID)

  • SetAccountOwner (accountID, userID)


  • Fixed an issue that caused FPS drops when opening a store window.

  • Fixed an issue that caused ‘holes in water’ to cause FPS drops.

  • Fixed an issue with changes to cached storage UIs that cause framerate issues in busy areas.

  • Fixed an issue with long disconnect timeframes when selling or buying a large batch of items by using a customized LiteDB version with sum aggregation support. This also significantly reduces database size and database write counts.

  • Changed thread priorities to allow a better responsiveness and network performance with servers with a low count of cpu cores.

  • General performance improvements by optimising the amount of property updates being sent.

  • Several other optimisations that should help with fps issues including such that get better after restarting the game.


  • Single player servers now start in the same language as the launching client.

  • The level up messages no longer overlap targeted animals in hunting.

  • Stability of the authentication servers were improved and made independendent from our website servers.

  • Added an “All” button to the treasury allocation menu.

  • Added a configurable comma digit cut to the quantity selection.

  • Papaya plants can now be felled by axes.

  • Trees in plant pots now display a cute bonsai version of the trees.

  • Windowed mode retains its size and position and remembers changes to fullscreen via alt + enter.

  • Added minable tooltips to pickaxes.

  • Animals now try to avoid walking on roads and respond to vehicles more quickly.

  • Animals transition from lying to fleeing a bit faster now.

  • Collision with animals has been disabled for most physics objects.

  • The housing room value now calculates the best value for all specific categories + general and general separately and chooses the best value. All other housing components are being ignored, hybrid rooms full of items to maximize value is no longer possible.

  • The player activity layer was split from the trampled layer. Player activity underground should no longer ruin the biomes above.

  • A number of recipes had their level requirements restored.

  • Hewn logs were added in place of normal logs in multiple recipes to make the hewing specialty more useful in the late game.

  • Rubble can now be dropped in air without targeting another block, just like dirt

  • Fuel inputs are no longer a valid input slot for crafting recipes.

  • The UPnP error message was made more user-friendly.

  • Removed the generic calorie reduction from the self improvement skill.

  • Balanced the other benefits of self improvement.

  • Changed all crafting skill gains from being based off the craft time to being a per-recipe value.

  • Added the experience gained for a recipe to their tooltips.

  • Changed a few recipes to use more resources from the previous tier.

  • Added a confirmation popup when the player tries to place his starter camp on someone else's property.

  • Mints can now craft more than 999 items into coins at once.

  • Taxing in the treasury now also requires a reason to be given.

  • The vehicle controls are now disabled in chat mode.

  • The bed in the starter camp / tent can now be used to sleep, allowing single player players to sleep without needing to craft a bed.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed a freeze when launching localized local server from client ‘New Game’ menu.

  • Fixed server initialization log messages to support Unicode characters.

  • Fixed localization of server initialization messages.

  • Fixed an issue with mints taking resources despite a law preventing the minting process, leaving you with neither coins nor the backing items.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the treasury to not show all available currencies.

  • Fixed the currency report showing unused currencies after dumping a currency in the treasury.

  • Fixed an exception related to taxes.

  • Fixed an exception related to minting.

  • Fixed the conditions that make the skills tutorial appear.

  • Fixed several typos in skill descriptions.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the skills menu to be unusable when clicking on the icon that notifies you that you got experience for a task.

  • Fixed yellow colored text on yellow background for the experience bar.

  • Fixed issues with tooltip placement in the skills menu.

  • Fixed lan server detection issues.

  • Fixed the ping display for servers that are reachable both locally and by remote address.

  • Fixed an issue with negative law allocations being able to cause a negative account balance.

  • Fixed various things disappearing when turning very quickly.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the impersonification of another player in the chat.

  • Fixed an issue that caused tooltips to not appear when mousing over a link in the tutorials.

  • Fixed world markers overlapping district / room and nutrition / housing UI.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to an insane amount of memory allocation on world migration.

  • Fixed an issue with the sweeping hands talent, it should now pick up stones properly again. Pickup should also work much faster.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash when cutting a tree stump.

  • Fixed fishing pole and fishing process, fishing can now also be performed in rivers if there is fish nearby.

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to transmute carried items into a different item.

  • Fixed the multiple crafting speed related talents.

  • Fixed work clothes to no longer remove calorie cost completely.

  • Fixed a crash when opening the economy viewer.

  • Fixed the skid steer and excavator not being able to collect rubble.

  • Fixed an issue that caused rubble pieces to randomly flying away, clipping through textures and popping up on top of the terrain when mining.

  • Rubble causes less trouble.

  • Rubble is no longer frozen on top of vehicles or players to prevent blocking movement.

  • Fixed contract payments to allow setting the amount of payment to a value below 1.0.

  • Fixed generated worlds not being random because of the seed not being changed.

  • Fixed holes in water no longer filling up.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to room data being lost after a server restart.

  • Fixed several issues with the behaviour of the chat, including random scrolling.

  • Fixed an issue in contract clauses that could lead to a crash.

  • Fixed an issue that required a player to re-login to get access to a bank account after being authorized to use it.

  • Fixed an issue that caused money transfers to not function when a transfer tax was set.

  • Fixed an issue with currency dropdowns displaying the top most currency instead of the selected one.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the transfer menu to show an incorrect tax.

  • Fixed world map in the web ui not working correctly on paused servers.

  • Fixed the block form selection for cranes.

  • Fixed animals appearing at the wrong height when first viewed.

  • Fixed alt-tab not showing windows behind game window after switching from exclusive to borderless mode.

  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to get back into the game when alt-tabbing out of the game in exclusive fullscreen mode.

  • Fixed display for labels in the web ui for missing localization strings, instead of numbers it now shows the original english strings.

  • Fixed the broken economy viewer filter.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when passing a law that affects the run for office function and then trying to open the law menu.

  • Fixed occupancy of treasury, bank and registrar.

  • Fixed meteor no longer being enabled by default.

  • Fixed several issues related to the citizen account feature.

  • Removed the display of “Tier 6” and “Tier 10” in item filters.

  • Fixed tutorials sometimes not completing despite all tasks were completed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to have to interact with a world object twice to open it after closing it.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to accept repeatable contracts that were already taken and in progress by another player.

  • Fixed stockpile tutorial to also recognize when a player puts logs into a stockpile by using the inventory UI.

  • Fixed the talent selection popup not appearing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused specialties in the skills menu to not react correctly to unlocking a skill without reopening the menu.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to only consume calories and tool uses for one hit, despite them needing several hits to break a specific rock type.

  • Fixed an error that showed up when submitting a new law where “Redefine Districts” was first selected but then unselected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the effects of clothes to not work correctly for new users until the server got restarted.

  • Fixed an issue with the housing skill points calculation.

  • Fixed collision on the back wall of the starter camp.

  • Fixed treasury synchronisation with leader elections.

  • Fixed the range option in bonds and loans contracts. You can now set it to values that are different from “1 - 1000” again.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the treasury to not show all personal bank accounts in the allocation menu.

  • Fixed a server crash issue related to titles.

  • Fixed an issue that caused recipes to disappear from crafting tables.

  • Fixed an issue related to allocations in laws.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the lasers to show no visible signs of actually destroying the meteor.

  • Fixed an issue that causes garbage bags to not convert into garbage blocks until a server restart as well as issues in converting when sleep mode is used.

  • Fixed economy viewer not showing the backing item of a currency.

  • Fixed the first tool animation after switching to third person mode.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players mounted on a vehicle to be shown at a wrong position.

  • Fixed an issue with the head / view rotation of passengers in a vehicle.

  • Fixed a server crash issue related to garbage processing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused animals to occasionally freeze when multiple players are nearby.

  • Fixed a migration issue when trying to upgrade a world from a version before to the latest version.

  • Fixed an issue that required a player to hit reconnect several times when reconnecting to a server.

New World Generation

World generation has undergone a variety of changes and improvements.  Many new parameters have been added to world generation, such as land/water balance, number of continents and islands, sizes of biomes, and number of water features such as rivers and lakes.  All of these parameters may be tweaked within the world generator config file. As a result, worlds are much more varied with specific resources only being made available within specific biomes.

I addition, we have reworked the world geology, by adding an assortment of rock types like Sandstone, Granite, Shale, and Limestone. Certain rock types appear only in specific biomes and at specific depths. These rocks all have different uses in recipes and can be made into unique looking mortared stones. Ores like Iron, Copper, and Gold are now located in specific host rocks which will encourage you to choose the place of your settlement wisely.

Lakes have been added, and the river generator has been rewritten to have an improved look and feel to them.

New Plants

  • Trees: Palms, Redwoods, Ceiba

  • Grasslands: Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Sunflower, Pumpkin

  • Desert: Agave, Creosote (Updated Art)

  • Forest: Ocean Spray, Trillium

  • Taiga and Tundra: Lupine, Saxifrage. Peat Moss, Deer Lichen, Dwarf Willow, Arctic Willow

  • Rainforest: Papaya, Taro, Orchid, Heliconia, Pineapple, Lattice Mushroom, Bolete Mushroom, Cookeina Mushroom, Filmy Fern, King Fern

New Animals

Mule Deer

Mountain Goat

Bighorn Sheep

New Skill system

The skill system has been simplified and reworked to encourage active engagement. While specializations will still be based on the same time-gated model as before, you no longer need to choose between improving your current specialties and gaining new ones. Instead of having multiple skills under specialties that all need skillpoints to advance, we've rolled all those benefits into an action-based leveling system. For example, players who choose to take the hewing specialty will be able to hew logs with increasing efficiency and speed as they complete orders rather than being forced to wait on skillpoints to achieve maximum efficiency.

The second major change is that the vast majority of recipes are now available without taking the related specialization at a drastically increased cost. This should allow players to experience parts of the game they would have previously been locked out of while still giving players an immediate and powerful benefit for choosing specializations.

In addition to more generic benefits for a specialization, player will occasionally be able to choose specialization-specific talents upon leveling up. Talents for a given specialty are mutually exclusive: if you take one you lock yourself out of the other. Do you want to destroy the forest faster or do you want to be able to clean up the debris you leave behind easier? The goal is to encourage you to pick talents that benefit the way you want to play the game.

Even with the new changes, don't neglect your diet or house! What used to be skillpoints/day has been changed to an experience multiplier that is applied in two places: the rate at which you gain new specialties and the rate at which those individual specialties level up.


We have implemented banks to allow you to create additional bank accounts that you can share with other players. You can set who has access to the account and who is allowed to manage it, which will make playing together easier and also allows the world leader to grant other players access to the treasury. Everywhere where you need to pay with currency you can choose from which bank account you want to make the payment. Of course, you can also set into which bank account payments should go. And to make your life easier, we added the possibility to transfer money to different players and bank accounts just by clicking a button.


Registrars enable you to create titles that you can grant to other players. Those titles can then be used in any authorization UIs and in the law system which allows you to easily group players or create titles for people that you want to work for the government.

New Animal AI

The AI of animals has been greatly improved and exposed for modding. Animals now eat, sleep, form packs and have species-specific behaviors. Beware though, as they became more intelligent and will now notice when your arrow hits just besides them. We have also implemented a headshot mechanic to make your life easier.


In Update 8.0 several workbenches need to be supplied with water to function. In order to do so, you craft a pump and place it near a water source, connect it with pipes and deliver the water to the crafting table where it is converted into sewage. The sewage then needs to be taken care of – in the early game your only option is to release it into the environment, harming it. Later in the game you will get access to the water filter which allows you to clean the sewage and create compost blocks out of it which make a good ingredient for fertilizers.


  • Added UPnP support for the game server.

  • Added the ability to customize the reputation colors.

  • Added an API for viewing and setting server configs.

  • Added “HEAD” backups that keep the latest snapshot and happens often enough to minimize data loss.

  • The behavior of backups is now more predictable and works correctly for all settings.

  • Added Disconnect from game when entering another lobby, allowing to join a different server is the player is already in game.

  • Added Arabic and Vietnamese language support.

  • The physical behavior of falling objects has been improved.

  • Animations for jumping players and network interpolation have been improved.

  • Updated the meteor intro sequence.

  • All tutorials can now be reviewed in the “tutorial” tab, left clicking an tutorial there will show it’s popup.

  • Language names in the language selection in the menu now show in their respective language.

  • Added pathfinding functions to allow movement between land and water and quickly finding paths back to water for amphibious animals.

  • Most animals now attempt to return to their home area so visible populations should be more similar to the world layer displays.

  • Added basic herd/pack behavior to some animal species.

  • Moved animal movement behaviors to mods to give modders some examples of how to work with animals.

  • Wolves are now nocturnal.

  • Otters can now venture inland and float with their glorious tummies on display.

  • Tree felling now scares nearby animals.

  • Updated predator behaviors to show eating prey, hunting, relaxing and sleeping.

  • Animal will now flee hunting predators.

  • You can now get closer to animals if you move slow or avoid moving directly towards them.

  • Animal corpse physics is now synced between clients.

  • Improved splitting items by offering specific values to split.

  • Stockpile graphics have been altered so you can now see if there is a hole below.

  • Currency drop downs are now sorted by backed currencies first, then by amount of currency in circulation.

  • Improved behavior of item selection when left-clicking a storage with a tool in your hands.

  • Improved the hammer tool to not cause any more unintended item removals from storages.

  • Added /spawnsewage and /raisesealevel developer commands.

  • Added /sealevel user command.

  • Added /spawn command that accepts different parameters to spawn automatically claimed buildings with a specified world object inside.

  • Added /listadmins command.

  • Added animation randomization scripts to the modkit.

  • Added launch parameters --restoreBackupIfSaveMissing which will inform the eco server to try restore latest backup if save file is missing, and --restoreFromBackup which will force the eco server to restore from specified backup instead of using save file

  • Added ability to set initial server ID with command line argument (--serverId) or environment variable (ECO_SERVER_ID).

  • Added display of progress when loading mods instead of just hanging on the “Loading …” message.

  • Added error handling for local server connections.

  • Dropdown lists now automatically close after leaving them.

  • /setreputation can now skip value clamping.

  • Admins can now be specified by username which allows to grant admin rights before a user logged in.

  • Usernames that could resemble a slg or steam id are now prevented.

  • Chat commands now both accept the English and localized names.

  • Empty data files are now treated as corrupted and will start restoration from a backup, if available.

  • Slight optimizations in bandwidth for the web interface have been made.

  • Improved shutdown logic for Windows and especially Linux servers. The server now catches SIGTERM and SIGINT signals and tries to gracefully shutdown.

  • Improved the dev-tool to be able to destroy everything.

  • Extended the drag zones for items – no more item drag reverts.

  • Added shift modifier to dragging items, you can now drag all items of the dragged type anywhere you want.

  • Species and World Layer settings are now defined in the mods directory, making it easier to release simulation mods.

  • Improved physics performance of animals.

  • Improved connection logic for the server started from client, it is now less likely that it will hang on startup.

  • Single player servers now start in the same language as the launching client.

  • Chat commands were added to the localization system.

  • Disabled the possibility to click on main menu buttons until it is visible to the player.

  • The meteor intro screen is no longer skipped if space or mouse button is pressed during the end of a scene.


  • Added volumetric fog graphics option using Aura.

  • Added quality slider for global illumination.

  • Changed view distance slider to 50-200

  • Tweaked shadow settings for better performance

  • Tweaked foliage LOD settings, can set all the way up to 200% quality if desired.

  • Improved performance of global illumination and reflections; These effects will update less frequently, but at a dramatic improvement in performance.


  • Added tier display to world object tooltips if it has a tier. (Doors, etc.)

  • Added tier display to items, if they have a tier attribute.

  • Added extra seed recipes to the Farmer’s Table for all new plants.

  • Added seed recipes for Amanita Mushrooms.

  • Added minimap store location display in the economy tracker.

  • Added housing category color to housing tooltip.

  • Added batch selection to stores.

  • Added title to the minimap UI.

  • Added a delay for “has for sale” messages to prevent spam.

  • Added an “All” button to UIs with an input amount.

  • Added a description to the chainsaw that is used instead of the description of the axe.

  • Added quick item transfer between inventories using mouseclick and shortcuts.

  • Added automatic quantity capping on item transfer.

  • Added the possibility to set the worlds default currency by the leader in the treasury.

  • Added the bank account balance of a storeowner to the economy viewer.

  • Added the possibility to see if you are authorized to use a shop in the economy viewer.

  • Added an elevator call post to control the elevator remotely.

  • Added the possibility to charge fees to the repair station.

  • Added a popup when trying to open the skill ui without finishing or skipping the needed tutorial first.

  • Added an “transaction successful” popup for bank transfers and payback of debts.

  • Players now move slightly faster on roads.

  • Most higher tier food recipes now require lower-tier food recipes to be crafted.

  • The areas in which farming is suitable have been drastically expanded. For example, tomatoes now may survive in almost all 'grassland' areas as opposed to only smaller areas of those biomes.

  • Left clicking on a storage with an empty selected toolbar slot will fill it with the first item in the storage.

  • Tree debris is now dependent on the tree species and slows you down.

  • Seeds for all tree types except cactus are now acquired from the debris rather than whacking branches.

  • Almost all object and item crafting recipes had their costs increased. (From very slight adjustments to almost double, depending on the recipe) to account for the new skill system granting 50% efficiency immediately when choosing a specialty.

  • Removed the storage tab from some objects that didn’t need them.

  • Pipes are no longer considered walls and thus do not affect room score or count as structure.

  • Plants now impede vehicle movement, construction vehicles are unaffected.

  • Plant sounds are now played for animals, other players and vehicles. This should help moving entities feel more present in the world and finding animals hiding in dense vegetation.

  • The tooltip for room tier will now differentiate between constructed blocks and stacked blocks.

  • The computer lab will now show a message if there is not enough power available to run the lasers and disable them when they run out of power while active.

  • Treasury will no longer show currency if there is none of it in the treasury.

  • Tweaked treasury currencies update times, it now shows more recent information.

  • Tutorial tasks that have been completed before opening the tutorial will be completed when the tutorial is opened.

  • Removed selecting land claim papers subtask in the tutorials.

Bug Fixes

This list includes all notable bugfixes since the start of development for 8.0.

  • Fixed transferring of multiple stacks into the inventory.

  • Fixed strange behavior of the shelf cabinet.

  • Fixed multiple issues with nested contracts that have multiple sub-clauses.

  • Fixed an exploit related to contracts.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to change store listings without proper access.

  • Fixed some issues with the housing bar.

  • Fixed calories in the stomach triggering the foraging tutorial.

  • Fixed repair station titles and mechanics.

  • Fixed forgive mechanics for debts.

  • Fixed loans and bonds targeting the wrong account.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the web ui to randomly not show water in the map.

  • Fixed a problem that caused random server names to appear on the continue button and in some cases connecting to the wrong server.

  • Fixed some issues with the UI of the real estate table.

  • /testtreasury now works as intended.

  • Fixed adding new entries to authorization.

  • Fish and otters no longer swim through the ground (or air when going up a waterfall)

  • Adjusted the height offset for checking if grass is below a certain level, fixing the mow contracts.

  • The contract board will no longer show “bucks” in some of its dropdown lists.

  • Prevented the server from crashing after setting the World Leader as an authorized user.

  • Fixed loans not saving their currency on server restarts.

  • Fixed some bugs with debts and contracts.

  • Fixed an issue related to discord hyperlinks and them not showing in the server browser.

  • Fixed players getting their crafting fees waived for orders when they should be paying the fee.

  • Fixed arrow disappearing in choose world screen.

  • Fixed treasury currency dropdown, it’s now dynamic and adapts to window size.

  • Fixed treasury button margins for better localized text support.

  • Fixed /allplants to work again.

  • Fixed accidental block placing with shovel, for example when the storage is full when trying to put the carried item into it.

  • Fixed the local server to be unable to be started from the client.

  • Fixed skill benefits rounding with server-side only calculations.

  • Fixed treasury buttons spacing for localized names.

  • Fixed some skillpoint localizations.

  • Fixed a bug that caused icons to eventually become offset when being dragged around.

  • Fixed orange color in tooltips.

  • Fixed storage interaction errors when the storage is full.

  • Fixed position of the food status UI tooltip.

  • Fixed hitboxes of status bar tooltips.

  • Fixed blocks attempting to connect to the wooden elevator. The elevators ‘doorway’ for sealing rooms is now below the elevator and you must have an empty space there when placing it.

  • Fixed a strange behavior for law buttons to sometimes cause to scroll instead of their intended action.

  • Fixed wrong bank account funds numbers in direct transfer dialog.

  • Fixed target bank account name not shown in direct transfers.

  • Fixed an issue that caused completed tutorials to not show up in the tutorial list.

  • Fixed the escape menu to no longer show the wrong default selected tab.

  • Fixed item selection in the toolbar.

  • Fixed digging and mining tutorials.

  • Fixed picking up carried items with left click.

  • Fixed sorting in the economy viewer, it now sorts by the localized name instead of the english name.

  • Fixed graphics tab layout and sliders in the escape menu, allowing them to dynamically scale for bigger localized text.

  • Fixed /give command, it now behaves more like usual inventory transfers.

  • Fixed cranes no longer showing their interface and being unusable.

  • Fixed showing of error messages in the Web UI in cases of a server error.

  • Fixed the chat to jump to a wrong position when opening.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the animal populations reset to max population on a server restart.

  • Fixed scrolling in the server browser.

  • Fixed distribution station tracker for remaining items to update correctly.

  • Fixed third person camera behaving oddly near large plants.

  • Fixed wrong name in work orders being passed to the localizer.

  • Fixed “Array out of Bounds” Exception in /creative command.

  • Fixed distribution station caused breaks.

  • Fixed double connection error message.

  • Fixed broken inventories.

  • Fixed editing of bank accounts.

  • Fixed exception on the removal of bank accounts.

  • Fixed a problem that lead to the server not being added to the recent servers when joining through direct connect.

  • Fixed several localization bugs.

  • Fixed crash when placing a starter camp.

  • Fixed being stuck at the connection UI.

  • Fixed an issue when reconnecting to servers.

  • Fixed a crash on shift-clicking empty slots.

  • Fixed strange behavior when setting tax percentages in the treasury.

  • Pinned “Make a transfer” button outside of the scroll area.

  • Fixed the layout of the housing tutorial.

  • Fixed a rare issue that could happen when multiple players tried to pickup the same world object.

  • Fixed hunting not leveling up properly.

  • Fixed several issues with tier requirements on various tables.

  • Fixed server browser layout.

  • Fixed buggy line in the header of the crafting UI.

  • Fixed the name parsing of the leader in the treasury.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed other players than the leader to change the worlds default currency.

  • Fixed star glow effect appearing on level up and points changes.

  • Fixed frame-rate degradation after closing crafting UIs.

  • Fixed title tooltips not shown

  • Fixed skill notification window layout.

  • Fixed adding double rows in currency exchange offers.

  • Fixed ping to server behind a NAT.

Nap Time

We have added sleep to the game! You can now sleep in beds to cause time to pass and speed up skill gain, crafting, and crop growth. Primarily for use in private servers

Item Filters

You can now filter by item name, type, and tier in the economy viewer.


Added ladder climbing and ladder blocks. Ladders can be made taking one of a variety of materials including hewn wood and placing it using a hammer. They take up a single block of space and can be placed freestanding, they are ideal for getting up tall buildings or deep mine shafts where stairs and ramps are impractical.


Added new "Demographics" feature.  A Demographic represents a group of players.  They're defined in laws, using law conditions.  Once defined, you can reference Demographics in multiple laws, as well as authorize Demographics on deeds and objects.  Demographics can be removed through laws also, but only if they are not being referenced by anything else.

New and Improved Chat Commands

  • Added chat command history.  Press the up and down arrow keys while typing in chat to cycle through your recently entered commands.

  • /give now accepts item display names. You can type the name of the item exactly as it appears in game now.

  • /time - shows the current time since server start. A user command.

  • /deletecontract - Deletes contacts by id.

  • /fastforward - Toggles the fast forward effect from sleep on and off.

  • /spawnbed - Spawns a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.

  • /spawncrafting - Creates a craft setup where output from one thing is input to another.

  • /claimrect - Claims plots in a given rect centered on the user.

  • /levelup - Learns and levels up a skill and all its prerequisites.

  • /unclaimabandoned - unclaims abandoned plots, owned by players that havent logged in for a given number of days.

Random Improvements

  • Avatars now play animations when their clothes/hair change.

  • Updated Meteor into! Now runs on a timer, or clicks.

  • Added profanity checks to sign and license plate text.

  • Show login UI after starting animation completed.

  • Prevent players from from making a currency that already exists.

  • Don't show exchange rates with NaN values.

  • Map icons are now GPU accelerated! (drastically improves map performance in worlds with a lot of objects).

  • The tractor module, sower and harvester can be enable/disable using alpha1 key.

  • With contracts, in the "transport" clause and "put item in container" clause you are able to target fuel container like blast furnace and brazier.

  • Tweaked player acceleration so it's easier to make small movements while building.

  • Max reputation you can give a person is now 30 (3 days worth).

  • You can now sit upon various world objects.

  • Added an option for doing one-time taxes and allocations on law passed.

  • Set the treasury at the top inside the currency report.

  • User handles enable admins to refer to users by a numeric handle instead of username.

  • Adds Ukrainian Language Option.

  • Tooltips now close when you start dragging items.

  • Change the match rating on the server listing UI to be a match score, not a percentage.

  • Add new animations for server category banners on the recommended new game server UI.

  • Update new game server browser headings to include particle effects.

  • Contractors can now mark a contract as failed if the time limit on the contract is reached.

  • When loading from a backup, servers will now try to load from a different backup if the most recent one is corrupt.

  • If an object has no owner, display the name of its creator in the user interface instead.

  • Add tiers to certain world objects, such as doors, to count towards a building's overall tier rating.

  • Guard against overwriting .eco save file if it would end up corrupted.

  • Greatly improves server start-up speed for servers with big Power Grids.

  • Added additional foraging triggers.

  • Changed selected item text from "Amount" to "Selected".

  • Mods can now define new components and UI for them!  Values can be set to be editable/visible by owners or guests, and supports a few different types of values: numbers, ranges, and buttons.

  • Implemented language/region lock. By default you will now only see servers that match your configured language. This feature can be opted-out of in the escape menu settings. This feature does not affect LAN, Favorites, or Recently Played listings. The Server and Client now detect system language on first start-up. If launched through steam, Eco will take the language set in your steam preferences.


  • Fixed errors with the tooltips of users that have special characters in their names.  Tooltips should now work for all users.

  • Fixed a bad hitbox on the Treasury Allocation window, that caused it to close unexpectedly.

  • Fixed spelling for Calculated.

  • Fix an issue where the contract currency reset to the owner currency credit after a server restart.

  • Force the skill points to be between 0 and 1 million to prevent giving huge number of skill point and break the UI.

  • Fixed map shadows sometimes disappearing when zooming in.

  • Fixed various avatar tool change animation issues.

  • Fixed bug where metal brazier not see linked inventories.

  • Fix issue where you can't select shovel when carrying garbage.

  • Fixed a client bug which caused the laws window to display placeholder text ("Voted for George") if you placed a vote but later all the candidates you voted for got removed.

  • Fixed held tools not showing when exiting vehicles.

  • Should of fixed the red bar issue, possibly due to multiple ways data was being displayed.

  • Prevent crash if server info (e.g. name and description) are too long.

  • Fixed bug causing error message pop ups to appear behind the server connection menu.

  • Prevent use of the property claim tool while carrying stuff (e.g. wood, sand, etc.)

  • Fix a rounding issue occurring when changing price using Ctrl + click for some values.

  • Fixed a bug that would destroy plants upon being picked if their yield is zero.

  • The minimap now loads much more smoothly.

  • Fix reputation title saying N/A instead of the current title.

  • Fixed incorrect owner given in the notification message for buying a deed.

  • Fixed problems with the size and position of the minimap on reload.

  • Guard against server crash if a user's first time login fails.

  • Fixes all misspellings of the word "Tuesday".

  • Fix bug that was showing a control popup to place some tools (such as torches) into storage with a right-click, even though the server would not accept them.

  • Fix bug that was showing a control popup to place some tools (such as torches) into storage with a right-click, even though the server would not accept them.

  • Fix for new game menu left/right nav buttons occasionally becoming invisible.

  • Fix bug that force added 'Everyone' to authorisation settings for stores, etc. on server restart.

  • Fix for removal contract not granting permissions to remove fallen tree debris.

  • Make the Build Room contract clause require a minimum tier rather than specific building materials. Also fix a bug that was preventing the "No room at requested location" message from showing.

  • Fixed physics/plant issues near world borders.

  • Blocks placed above the world MaxY will now disappear instead of breaking everything.

  • Fixed a rare server exception in VehicleComponent.

  • Fixed building intro ui prefab.

  • Fix empty error bar in web interface.

  • Fix eventual problem with server hanging on load.

  • Fix server crash resulting from trying to repair an object (e.g. the hammer) which can be degraded but not repaired.

  • Fix issue that prevented the laws UI 'View' button from being clicked when it was "behind" the Government panel scrollbar.

  • Fixed a bug where getting taxed while crafting an object generates emissions would crash the server if the user didn't have enough money to pay the government.

  • Fix for non-disposed stream in DataStore.cs when save is corrupted.

  • Fixed problem with server crashes during startup during MinimapManager initialization.

  • Mint item filter is now resizable and draggable.