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Laws and Economy

  • Added loans and bonds!

  • Players can offer loans, or bonds (which are the inverse of bonds - people buy a bond from you and you pay them back with interest later).

  • Create new currency with "Coins per item" = 1

  • After Currency created (and first coins emitted) you're not able to change "Coins per item"

  • Add contract tax to Payment Contract Clause.

  • Contract Tax will be retained from payment on completion. Client will pay exactly specified amount, but contract have to pay tax from received payment. In case of failed contract it will be applied to Deposit as well, in this case Client have to paid tax from deposit.

  • Added the ability to prevent minting coins in laws

  • Laws can now reference total currency in circulation, as well as treasury balance, in addition to just the acting player's currency balance.

  • Added support for conditions on the "number of players" value.  For example: "when attempting to gain skill Cooking, if (number of players where (level of Cooking > 0) > 3) prevent"

  • Added actions "Plant", "Remove Stump", and "Harvest Leaves" to laws and stats.

  • Indirect ways of killing plants are now counted as "Harvest" actions.  This includes things like shoveling or plowing the dirt under a plant. This only applies to living plants.  Removing a dead plant does not count as a "Harvest".


  • Tailings now produce reduced pollution at lower depths instead of a hard cut-off at 10.
  • Deforestation causes very slight air pollution.
  • Air and ground pollution spread further and dissipate slower.
  • Air pollution now creates more ground pollution in areas with high rainfall.
  • The CO2 consumption of plants have been modified to fit with new air pollution values.

New Features

  • Ramps are no longer objects but blocks, and can be built in 1-wide increments.

  • Actions "Pick Up" and "Place" now support world objects, in addition to blocks.

  • The "Pick Up" action now supports mining and picking up rubble.

  • The "Pick Up" action also supports picking up "Wood Pulp", which is what "tree debris" is now called.

  • Servers can now set a Discord address in their settings, and new joining users will be prompted to join it through the tutorials:


  • Added a new introduction story sequence! Appears when you first look at the meteor for the tutorial.

  • Revamped the pullouts on the minimap.  Everything is in one settings pull out now, which has been updated to the new visual style.  World layers (now titled "Environment Data") have been changed from a drop down to a scroll box, with layers grouped into categories.

  • Updated the Storage tab to the new visual style

  • You can now cancel loading a world with the escape button

  • Adjusted headers width so they now works much better with non-English locales having longer words.

  • A host of changes to make things more intuitive and usable


  • Updated Global Illumination to reflect terrain / water colors

  • Updated the following object tabs to the new visual style: Credit, Exchange, Power, Mint, Modules, Network, Pipes

  • Fixed property & world layer alignment for far away terrain

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed doors counting as T0 materials.

  • Fixed an issue with storage links on electric tables.

  • Fixes a break in the tutorial sequence.

  • Fixed a bug that made the player turn when toggling vehicle tools on/off

  • Fixed being able to lock yourself out of public objects

  • Plus many, many more